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Having heard so much good reviews about the cendol in Malacca, I decided to search for the best cendol in Malacca. Cendol is a popular dessert in Indonesia & Malaysia. Singapore has them too, but I haven't found any place that serve good cendol here. Cendol actually refers to the green jelly that is found in the dessert. Apart from that jelly, cendol is made up of palm sugar (gula melaka), coconut milk, red bean and shaved ice.

One of the recommended cendol stall in Malacca is the one opposite the Big Clock (it is actually not THAT big), thus the name Cendol Jam Besar/ Big Clock Cendol. The big clock is part of the Stadhuys (also known as "Red House" or "Rumah Merah"). So I made my first cendol stop there and was greatly disappointed.  I didn't take any picture of the cendol because it simply look unappetizing. There was little shaved ice and it look too watery - as though the cendol has been left on the table for too long and all the ice melted into the bowl. The taste? Too diluted, exactly like how it looked like. We ordered the original and the durian one. The durian paste smells good, but tasted mediocre. Price wise, Cendol Jam Besar is the lowest out of all.

*photo credit: Feast 

Cendol Jam Besar
Jalan Laksamana, opposite Stadhuys
Price: RM 1.70 (Original) / RM 3 (Durian)
Verdict: 2/5

Next stop was at Jonker 86. I was headed for Jonker 88 actually, but unfortunately they do not open on Tuesdays (as informed by a kind neighboring vendor). So I went to try Jonker 86 QQ Ice. I loved how the cendol look. A bowl of shaved ice topped with thick coconut milk and gula melaka. The taste is a far cry from the one I had at Cendol Jam Besar. The gula melaka is fragrant with a hint of honey.  You can request for more gula melaka if you like to have more. The cendol (green jelly) was soft and fresh. Overall, I really like this cendol but I'd prefer it if they do not add in honey in the gula melaka mixture. I like to taste gula melaka as it is because a good gula melaka should be fragrant enough on its own :) 

Jonker 86 QQ Ice
86 Jln Hang Jebat, inside Jonker Walk
(closed on Wed & Thur)
Price: RM 3 (Original) / RM 4 (Durian)
Verdict: 4/5

I went back to Jonker 88 on Wednesday morning - I simply refuse to give up until I get to try this highly raved cendol in Malacca. :D Gula melaka from Jonker 88 is the best out of all 4 cendol stalls I visited. A pity the cendol (green jelly) was a little frozen, reducing the mouthfeel. The serving of cendol and red bean in the dessert was relatively small too.

Jonker 88
88 Jln Hang Jebat, inside Jonker Walk
(closed on Tues)
Price: RM 3 (Original) 
Verdict: 3.75/5

The last stall I tried was Bibik House, located towards the end of Jonker Walk. It was evening when I found this shop and most of the shops along Jonker Walk were closed (most shops closed at around 5 pm on weekdays). I decided to give it a try since I was on a mission to find the best cendol in Malacca :D

A bowl of cendol cost RM 5 at Bibik House. The most expensive among all - because the serving is also bigger than the rest. Cendol (green jelly) was served in a separate small bowl. The owner told me to mix well the ice with coconut milk and gula melaka first, then add in the cendol. The gula melaka was ok only, but cendol (green jelly) was fresh, not frozen kind. 
Given the price, I guess I would rather have 2 bowls of cendol at Jonker 86 ;)

Bibik House
129 Jln Hang Jebat, inside Jonker Walk
Price: RM 5 (Original), RM 6 (Durian)
Verdict: 3/5

Having tried the cendol in Malacca, I still find that the best cendol I've ever tasted is the one from Tanjung Pinang (Indonesia). 


Apart from cendol, I went to look for the famous Hainanese Chicken Riceball too. I saw many restaurants/ coffee shops selling chicken rice balls, but I decided on the one that is located right at the entrance of  Jonker Walk - Chung Wah Coffee Shop. This coffee shop only sells one type of food - Hainanese Chicken Riceball. 

For those who have not tried this before, do not expect the riceballs to be warm (like the usual chicken rice). The riceballs are left at normal room temperature for serving. I usually do not like food that are not warm or hot, but I love this chicken riceballs. The rice is fragrant, moist and slightly springy; chicken has a tinge of sesame oil flavor and it is juicy; The chilli is the bomb. Thinking about this chicken rice set makes me hungry right now.

The entrance of Jonker Walk. Chung Wah Coffee Shop is on the right hand side.

Chung Wah Coffee Shop

One set usually comes with 5 rice balls, you can add more riceballs at 20 cents each (if I remembered correctly)

Geography Cafe. Seems like a nice place to chill out.

Inside Malacca House

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